a design group.



PNEU STARS is prounounced like “new stars”.

“ The set design [...] was a gaping vagina portal with black manicured fingers clawing overhead. Whoever dreamed that nightmare up is a genius. ”
comments by The Bay Bridged

PNEU STARS designs and builds things. Lately they have been the set dressers for Total Trash Productions,  Oakland's premier trash rock music festival (formerly known as Burger Boogaloo).
PNEU STARS is a design collaborative. The group is founded and directed by Adam Miller. Recently, Adam has been collaborating with Soo Han

Past members include: Megan Lowe, Tyler Beard, Ian Erickson, Lieyah Dagan, Spenser Atlas, Olivia Kessler, Cora Lautze, and Cooper Rogers. 

For general information, or for inquiries about new projects, please contact:
Adam Miller, Design Director